Company Overview

SIDWAL is an ISO 9001-2015 and ISO/TS 22163:2017 (International Railways Industries Standards) certified company, promoted by NRI technocrat Mr. S.S. Sidhu a Mechanical Engineer from the University of Michigan.

SIDWAL entered the Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Industry in 1974. Through extensive in-house research and development SIDWAL has produced excellent products acclaimed for their distinguished quality for more than 40 years. The abundant technical expertise gathered over the years puts SIDWAL in the forefront of technical innovations with the capacity to supply the most sophisticated Air-conditioning equipment for any type of application.

SIDWAL pioneered the all-indigenous development of Roof Mounted Modular Compact Air Conditioner for Rail Coaches in 1991. Since then SIDWAL has supplied more than 16,000 such AC Units duly tested and approved by Research Design & Standards Organization (RDSO), Ministry of Railways, Government of India for higher speed trains like Shatabdi Express, Rajdhani Express for Indian Railways as well as Gatimaan Express & Tejas Express Trains.

SIDWAL has also supplied air-conditioners for the luxury prestigious tourist trains “Palace on Wheels” for Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC), “Deccan Odyssey and Maharaja Express.
SIDWAL has service centres in major cities rendering services to air-conditioning system of the Railway coaches under AMC since 1997. Through this comprehensive technical support network Sidwal provides round-the-clock 24×7 service under Maintenance Contracts throughout the 63,465kms of Indian Railway track length. 315 Sidwal’s technicians are stationed at major rail heads throughout India.. SIDWAL also enters into Annual Maintenance Contracts for Preventive as well as Corrective Maintenance of air-conditioning units with all zones of Indian Railways.

Sidwal has manufactured and supplied 248 Metro Saloon Car Air-conditioners under a manufacturing contract from Air International Transit, Australia for Phase I coaches for DMRC.

DMRC had desired to increase the cooling capacity of the HVAC system and also to add Heating for winter and De-humidification during rainy season. Sidwal designed and supplied its own Saloon air-conditioner Model SID-3300 developed under a development order from DMRC and supplied two prototype HVACs which were tested in commercial service for more than one year. After successful service trials, DMRC placed additional order for 32 HVACs for 4 Trainsets on Sidwal. These are fitted in Rotem Coaches made by BEML at Bangalore in successful service since January 2007 on DMRC.

The SID-3300 Saloon Car Air-conditioner was tested jointly by DMRC and Sidwal. After this rigorous evaluation, DMRC has given Sidwal the status of an approved vendor.

BEML has placed the Order in 2009 for 16 Saloon Air Conditioners on Sidwal on a single tender basis for the 8 Car prototypes for 70 Train set extension to 6 Car Train set RS4-Project. The ducting in these 8 cars has also been provided by Sidwal as per the drawings supplied by BEML.

The Electric Energy Efficiency has been improved significantly by the use of state-of-the-art scroll compressors as against the semi hermetic reciprocating compressors used earlier. As a result the air-conditioner is delivering 52kW cooling with 34.6 KVA power consumption when measured at the return air opening and fresh air damper is open to provide the required F.A. quantity. This is same power consumption as consumed by AIT RPR41 however delivering lower cooling of 41KW in RS-1.

Filters have been provided on the fresh air openings to cope up with the dust-laden atmosphere of New Delhi. As a result, service life and maintenance intervals of the mixed air (fresh air and re-circulated air) filters has significantly improved (6,000 kms observed by DMRC).
900RPM condenser fan motors have been used to reduce the noise emissions to the outside of the rail car.

SID-3300 is fully interchangeable with the air-conditioners of AIT-mounting interface, return air and supply air apertures, electrical connectors for power and control systems are interchangeable. The PLC used in SID-3300 is compatible with the TIMS (Train Information and Management System) of the Rotem coach.

Mitsubishi Rotem Melco BEML (MRMB) Consortium had been given the order for Phase II (RS3). Based on the experience gained by Sidwal, they have placed an order for 376 Saloon Car AC and 94 Driver’s Cab AC on Sidwal.

Sidwal exported 1 trainset HVACs to Rotem, Korea, which passed all tests and returned to India and are in satisfactory service in Trainset 1 of RS3. The supply of all units was made within delivery period without any delay. All 48 TS have been commissioned and are running in service satisfactorily in DMRC since March 2010.

Upon successful execution of RS1 and RS3 Projects, BEML has placed an Order for RS6 Project on Sidwal, which is the extension project from 4 cars to 6 cars of RS1 project.

We have been awarded in 2012 an order by M/s BEML and supplied HVAC Units for 10 Trainsets for Jaipur Metro Project followed by an order for RS9 Project.

We have also supplied against Order for RS9 Extension Project from M/s BEML Limited, Bangalore.

We have executed the order for RS13 Project for 96 cars as received from M/s BEML. Further, we have bagged an order for Noida Metro-RS1 from CRRC, Nanjing, China.

CRRC, Zhouzhou, China again put faith in us and awarded an order for Kolkata Metro. Till now we have supplied more than 2500 HVAC Units for Metro Coaches.

Sidwal has received contracts from Siemens and ICF to provide Ventilation Systems in 1446 EMU coaches of MRVC Mumbai. 100% supply order has been given to Sidwal due to excellent performance experience at Western Railway in the Millennium 12 Coach rake provided with Ventilation system by Sidwal under the Indo-German project.

SIDWAL is also registered with Director General of Quality Assurance (DGQA), Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India, Directorate General of Aeronautics Quality Assurance (DGAQA), Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India for the supply of air-conditioners of Military Ambulances and have supplied these air-conditioners for TELCO (4 X 4) 2.5 Ton Chassis and also to Swaraj Mazda 4 X 4 Ambulances.

Sidwal has a large range of air conditioners for luxury buses having seating capacity of 9, 14, 21, 29, 35, 42 and 52. Compressor is mounted on the vehicle engine as well as powered by a separate Diesel engine as a power pack. Sidwal has 5000 air conditioning units on buses in service all over India since 2000. Performance of these units has been satisfactory.

SIDWAL has also supplied Air-Conditioning Unit (ACU) and Thermal Cooling Unit (TCU) after thorough testing by Design Research & Development Organization (DRDO), Ministry of Defence, Government of India for Mobile Autonomous Launcher System of BrahMos supersonic missile. This missile was handed over to Indian Army by the President of India on 21st June, 2007.

SIDWAL has supplied 7 ton and 10 ton Package Air-conditioning Units complete with electrical control panels and installation duly tested and approved by DGAQA for Air Force Radar Communication Shelters at various locations.

SIDWAL is one of the six suppliers of High Sensible Heat Ratio 7.5 & 10 Ton packaged aircons for Department of Telecom’s telephone switch gear rooms. These are equipped with microprocessor based controllers for precision control of temperature, humidity and dust.

Among other products, SIDWAL has the largest range of ISI marked Drinking Water Coolers (8 to 800 ltrs.), approved by Directorate General of Supplies & Disposals (DGS&D), Ministry of Supply, Govt. of India (Now called GEM).

SIDWAL products are designed using man-machine interactive type techniques. Reliability is assured with stringent testing under controlled temperature and humidity conditions in highly equipped test rooms. Best of class equipment is used for manufacture of AC Units. Through extensive research & development, SIDWAL has produced excellent products acclaimed for their distinguished quality.

SIDWAL has one of the most advanced and modern factories at Faridabad (Haryana) and Kala-Amb (Himachal Pradesh) having young and dynamic team of engineers and technicians equipped with the latest Computer Aided Design Systems and Computer Aided Manufacturing with CNC Sheet Metal Presses, Folding Machines and Brake Presses. Cooling Coils, Condenser Coils, Blowers, Motors, PCB’s, FRP moulding, Electrical Panels produced in-house provide the cutting edge benefit over the competition.

Ruggedness and longevity of our products through a strict quality control and 100% testing in controlled climate test chambers has been the key strength of SIDWAL. Repeat orders are placed on us due to qualities of products backed by a strong and prompt service team. We have been able to create an undisputed reputation in the competitive market.

We are Pioneers

Sidwal is known for many firsts in India and the excellent quality of its products since 1974. The abundant technical  and manufacturing expertise gathered over the years puts Sidwal in the forefront of technical innovation.

We Test Rigorously

Our products are Type tested and verified by rigorous testing in-house in the temperature and humidity controlled test chambers, approved by ISI and RDSO.

We are Self Reliant

Sidwal has complete self-reliance in manufacturing technologies. Each product has been designed and engineered inhouse.

We Test Rigorously

Our products are Type tested and verified by rigorous testing in-house in the temperature and humidity controlled test chambers, approved by ISI and RDSO.

Total Quality Control

Sidwal exercises total control over each and every stage of production right from concept to commissioning to ensure precision perfect product quality and meet World standards.

Total Customer Satisfaction

We treat our customers, suppliers and staff with care and respect and strive for excellence and continual improvement in all our products and services.