1975 Began manufacturing evaporative coolers
1975 Fan coil units
1978 Heat convectors
1981 Water coolers for domestic and export sales
1983 Window mounted room air conditioners
1985 FHP electric motors as per Indian standards
1986 Split air conditioners
1988 Packaged air conditioners for telecom applications > 95% Sensible heat removal with micron air filtration.
1991 Roof mounted air conditioners for rail coaches – Compact, Light Weight, Eco Friendly (5.8 kg Vs. 35 kg OZONE friendly refrigerant, all indigenous.
1999 Bus air conditioners and cold rooms – All indigenous
2001 Loco driver cab air conditioners
2002 Roof-mounted AC for LHB coaches
2003 MIL grade air conditioning units – Slip On
2004 Metro saloon and driver’s cab HVAC unit- High Efficiency
2007 Forced ventilation systems for commuter rail coaches