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Sidwal metro HVAC equipment is designed to meet the demanding climatic conditions as well as the high passenger density observed in Indian metropolitan areas.In the Mumbai suburban network, for example, up to 570 passengers squeeze into one rail car. In order to ensure an acceptable air quality on-board the new commuter cars operated by the Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation (MRVC), Sidwal has designed a forced ventilation system to supply large amounts of ambient fresh air to the passenger area. More than 2500 ventilation units have so far been supplied to the Integral Coach Factory, Chennai.

In addition, Sidwal supplies saloon and driver’s cab air conditioners for the RS1, RS3 and RS4 projects of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). Furthermore, the metro cars under manufactured at the Integral Coach Factory for the Kolkata metro are also fitted with Sidwal roof mounted packaged air conditioners.

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