Sidwal all products are quality pass

All of Sidwal’s products are type tested and verified by rigorous testing in-house in the temperature and humidity controlled test chambers, approved by ISI and RDSO. One of Sidwal’s key strengths is its complete self-reliance in manufacturing technologies. Each product has been designed and engineered inhouse. What’s more, a majority of the components are produced in-house. So Sidwal exercises total control over each and every stage of production right from concept to commissioning. The result? A product quality that’s precision perfect.

For Sidwal, quality is a prime objective and is built into a product meticulously.

A special quality assurance team has set standards and benchmarks and monitors their implementation – at each and every stage of manufacture and testing. These benchmarks are constantly being reviewed and upgraded to keep pace with changing needs.

At Sidwal, stringent testing requirements are met through specially designed ambient controlled test chambers in which even the harshest climatic conditions can be stimulated in order to evaluate the performance of the finished products.

Training and skill upgradation of key personnel – a vital adjunct of Sidwal’s quality promotion drive – is carried out regularly.

All this ensures that Sidwal products conform to world standards.

We, at SIDWAL, aim for total customer satisfaction. All those who buy our products viz. Air conditioners, Water Coolers etc. and their accessories are our Customers.

We treat our customers, suppliers and staff with care and respect and strive for excellence and continual improvement in all our products and services.

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